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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hi - I'm determined to continue getting stronger each day. :-)

To that end, I'm getting up at 6am each day to exercise before work. This week I'm off Wednesday & Thursday; I'm exhausted & need the time off. The headaches are still constant, however I'm learning how to deal with them a little better. I'm learning to hold on to things when necessary if I get dizzy walking. I shut my new eye when walking on stairs. I'm learning how to deal better with nausea. I have always worn sunglasses & a brimmed hat, now I make sure to also avoid bright lights (shielding my eyes with my hand if necessary). My night vision is terrible, so I'm not driving at night. I'm eating very healthy, taking supplements & drinking lots of water. I'm doing any little thing I can for progress's sake.

Tomorrow I'm heading to UCSF for two different eye appointments. One is a post-surgical appointment with Stephen D. McLeod, MD, and the other is with an Optometrist he wants me to see. Hopefully I can be fitted for contacts again, although I still have to build up strength in my new eye. Wearing a corrective lens with that eye gives me severe headaches after just 1 1/2 hours. It's like breaking a leg & then running a marathon. You have to build up to it!

I'm glad to have work behind me today and I'm heading to sleep soon.

And I'm staying positive & seeing some progress.

Onward & upward!


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