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Thursday, September 17, 2009


The pressure in my eye is starting to go down slightly. I still can't see out of the eye yet. The pain from the pressure is starting to abate. I've been having so many various headaches for months now, that sometimes it's hard to know what's what. A new pain is almost welcome, because it takes your mind off of the ones you've been enduring; that is until the new pain gets arduous. I'm still in some discomfort, however I'm glad that the pain of the pressure is getting better. It's hard to imagine that I went through this lens transplant with no pain killers. I'm not a fan of pain, at all. The surgeon doesn't prescribe pain killers. They don't want you to mask the pain, as pain is an indicator of complications, I suppose.

I'm starting to regain some strength, and am making an effort to exercise which feels good, despite tiring me out. I'm no where near courageous enough to drive yet. My reflexes are dulled, which makes my confidence lag. It was difficult enough the month before my surgery to wear the eye patch; you don't realize how exhausting that is until you experience it. Honestly, I am not strong enough right now to undertake that venture yet! I'm focusing on exercising (I'm increasing my walks daily), being healthy, and sleeping well. Fortunately I can see some progress each day now. As the pain/discomfort decrease, I suspect I'll start to get better and better.

Onward & upward!

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