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Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day Weekend has always been one of my most favorite weekends. Even when I lived in Michigan it was a fav. The weather is always pleasant & everyone seems to be in a good, mellow mood.

The Sausalito Art Festival (www.sausalitoartfestival.org) is held each Labor Day Weekend, and it's amazing. Juried artists from around the world exhibit spectacular art, and they always have great music, wine, champagne, margaritas, and food. My friend, Molly Lipsher, is exhibiting this year, too. Her stuff is beautiful, and I love hearing her speak of where each painting was created. Check out her site: www.mollylipsher.com

A lot of people have asked how I'm doing. I'm doing just fine! I'm as ready as I can be for my surgery tomorrow. I'm fortunate to have been able to rest this weekend, as well as spend time with friends. I've done a little research about the details of lens replacement, and feel very confident in my surgeon, Stephen D. McLeod, MD, too. I'm actually excited to have my eye repaired!

A few people have inquired about what my surgery will entail. While I don't want to go into too much detail, my surgeon will replace my damaged lens with an artificial one (not a transplant). It makes better sense when you see a visual of the anatomy of the eye, so I'm including one here:

My good friend, Johnny Boy, will drop me off at the hospital early for pre-surgical testing tomorrow, then I go into pre-op. My surgery is at 11:40am, and should last about 90 minutes, with a couple of hours recovery. They are using Intravenous (IV) Anesthesia, as opposed to General, so I should be right-as-rain fairly quickly. My good friend, Bradd, is then picking me up to take me home. He should have his hands full! It's also his birthday, so he's getting a double treat! LOL! We should be home from the hospital around 5'ish. Then my good friend Nina will stay with me through the night. Dr. McLeod said my recovery should be fairly quick, compared to other types of surgery. I go in early Wednesday for a post-operative appointment, then get to recover in full without doctors flashing bright lights for a week! And that's that!

Thanks to everyone for your calls, cards, emails, music recommendations, etc. Your support means a lot to me! I'm good as gold, and hope to be even better with my bionic eye!

Onward & upward.


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