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Sunday, September 13, 2009

the latest

Hi! What's going on? I'm slow moving, yet moving all the same.

My vision is fairly diminished in my left eye, and I suspect that the lens may have moved the two days after surgery when it hurt so much; or at least that's what it felt like. I was hoping that the vision would improve as the swelling went down. Not so. The swelling is fine now, however the vision is not good. I'm going in to my doctor's office tomorrow instead of Wednesday. Not that there's anything they can do at this point, however I think they need to see it since the vision is diminished considerably since the first day after surgery. I've been taking my drops religiously, and they have helped with the swelling & pain/discomfort. The eye physically looks good. The bruising from the IV is more noticeable than any indications in my eye, which is weird, yet good.

My eye isn't in much pain now, which is a welcome relief. The changes in vision, however, tire me out. When I'm wearing a contact in my good eye, the bad eye is blurry since the vision has declined; when I wear my glasses, the 'script in the left eye is too strong. While I tire pretty easily, I feel that I am gaining some strength physically. I can tell I'm getting better, as I'm getting bored & have some energy to think about things to do. My energy seems to come in bursts. The length of these energy bouts seems to be getting longer, however I definitely don't have my normal strength & endurance. The two days after surgery wiped me out. I'm trying to take good care of myself to make sure I heal well. I'm having to remind myself that it's okay to rest, and that I really may need to take it easy in order to get stronger.

My house is filled with gorgeous flowers: roses, irises, stargazer lillys, and gladiolas (my favorite). They are arranged beautifully together, and decorate the whole house so nicely. Thanks to all of you for the lovely flowers that I love! Thanks also to my dear friend, Pat Sweeney, for her visit today. We had a fun afternoon together, which always helps!

After my appointment tomorrow, I'll send out another update.

Onward & upward...

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