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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hi - I know it's been a short while since I last wrote. I'm doing okay and have no complications, fortunately. Being back at work is taking a lot of energy. In addition, the headaches are constant and varied.

This weekend I picked-up my new glasses and can see 20/30 out of my new eye! Yeah! While it's amazing, the headaches are intense. I have to remind myself that I haven 't been able to see this well out of the eye for more than 22 years. The past two weeks since the surgery I've been seeing 20/400 out of the eye, and the 5 weeks prior to surgery the eye was sheltered by an eye-patch, so it makes sense that it will take some adjusting. It didn't dawn on me at first that I should build-up to wearing the new specs, until my friend, Nina, brought it up. At the time I was in agony on the couch with pain radiating down my arms after wearing the new glasses for about 4-hours. So now I am wearing the new lenses for only an hour or so (primarily for driving) until I acclimate to them. In the interim I'm back to wearing a corrective lens in my good eye, and none in the new eye. What's cool is that my good eye compensates for my new eye, and I'm able to get by all right as long as I don't move my head too much. What a trip this whole healing process is, to say the least.

My night vision is terrible. Last week I went into the City to meet Greg & Neil. The sun set quicker than I anticipated & I simply couldn't see. I was on 19th Avenue just after Golden Gate Park (which is a busy parkway for those of you unfamiliar with San Francisco), and I had to pull over & call the boys after getting lost since I couldn't see where I was going! I was practically in tears, however fortunately the boys came to my rescue and we had a fun time later watching Pet Shop Boys at the Warfield! Even with my new glasses, I noticed tonight that I can't see well out of the new eye in darkness.

Wednesday I go back to see my surgeon, Stephen D. McLeod, MD at UCSF. In the meantime I'm still making a point of exercising, being healthy & sleeping well. Speaking of, I'm signing off! Time to put these tremendous headaches to rest!

Onward & upward... ;-)

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