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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Post-Op Recovery

Yesterday's post-op appointment with Dr. McLeod went well. I was surprised to be able to see 20/80 with the new eye, particularly so soon after the lens transplant. That's already a huge improvement in my vision! I was still dialated after the surgery, so my eye wasn't happy with all the bright lights. I felt like a vampire shrinking from the light most of the day. They told me that my eye should continue to improve & only get better. If it increases drastically in redness, pain, change in vision, I need to go back into the hospital. The eye continued to improve yesterday, which is very exciting. I am putting in eye drops every few hours; one is an antibiotic, another is a steroid.

This morning my eye is red, swollen, and my vision is decreased. Hopefully it's because it's the morning. Yesterday I was putting my drops in every three hours, and I slept for 11 hours (guess I needed that!) last night, so perhaps this is just a reaction from not having my drops for such a long stretch. I think I'll wait another hour or so to see if flushing my eye with saline & putting my drops in helps reduce the pain & swelling.

Onward & upward.

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