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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

curse Sir Walter Raleigh (he was such a stupid git)

The painkillers made it possible for me to function until yesterday.

Despite being on 2 vidocin every 4 hours, the breakthru pain was SO bad yesterday that I broke down in tears & had to leave work.

Fortunately my wonderful friend, John Saul, was able to swing by the resort & give me a ride home.

I spoke with my prescribing physician, Robert J. Bartz, MD, and will be seeing him on Friday.

Today I went in to UCSF to see my surgeon, Stephen D. McLeod, MD. He says my eye is 'coming along', however I still don't have a green light to wear a contact in my new eye until I'm off the steroid drops.

I know I need to sleep because I'm incredibly unhappy:

I'm SO tired of being in constant pain.

And I'm SO tired of people who feel it's okay to try and take their negative insecurities out on me. It's not okay to be a jerk, ever. I'm encountering too many people who are bitter, nasty, and small-minded, and I'm really sick of it. Just because I'm polite doesn't mean I'm not paying attention.

Thank goodness for my true friends. This is for you:

I'm So Tired, The Beatles


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