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Sunday, October 18, 2009

hello mystery!

The medical profession is wonderful! I have an appointment to meet with my general physician, Robert J Bartz, MD, this coming Wednesday to discuss pain management. My surgeon, Stephen D. McLeod, MD, recommended that I start with my GP to see if something can be done for the crippling headaches I'm currently enduring. Fortunately Dr. Bartz called-in a script for some pain killers to get me thru the next few days. What a relief. Painkillers certainly have some merit when you're in constant, severe pain. The side-effects of nausea are tolerable in light of getting some slight relief in pain. Feels like a miracle, especially considering I haven't used painkillers thru this entire surgical process! I'm exhausted, but even though I can feel the pain it's somewhat muted. I'm still having trouble sleeping due to too much pain, however I'm optimistic that I can hope to see a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel soon. Considering I have at least another 3-weeks of being legally blind in my new eye, even the idea of hope is good.

Music has been a great distraction through this whole process. (That, and dark chocolate, but I regress...) Right now I'm enjoying 'Black & Blue' by Miike Snow:

Black & Blue
performed by Miike Snow
Black & Blue by Miike Snow

And I'm heading to take a nap...

Onward & upward!

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