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Saturday, May 29, 2010

12 Little Instant Health Boosts

12 Little Instant Health Boosts
Minor moves that offer major benefits for your mind and body
By Alyssa Shaffer
published in Prevention Magazine

1. Giggle
Health boost: Improve blood flow by 21%

2. Brush and floss
Health boost: Cut risk of head and neck cancer by 400%

3. Brew a pot of tea
Health boost: Cut stroke risk by 21%

4. Pen a thank-you note
Health boost: Feel 20% happier

5. Hide your TV remote
Health boost: Whittle 2 inches from your belly

6. Doodle during work meetings
Health boost: Improve memory by 29%

7. Keep your doctor on speed dial
Health boost: Slash medical mistakes up to 25%

8. Squeeze your husband’s hand
Health boost: Slash stress by 200%

9. Strike a warrior pose
Health boost: Ease back pain by 56%

10. Grill some fish for dinner
Health boost: Lower risk of dementia by 19%

11. Drink milk at breakfast
Health boost: Shed 5 pounds

12. Pour a glass of Pinot
Health boost: Live 5 years longer

Read the entire article here

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